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Etive Studios have been taking productions to new heights for over 5 years. We’ve had the pleasure of travelling the globe capturing inspiring aerial landscape video. Our footage has been used on Channels such as BBC One, STV and been featured by numerous tourism boards. Aerial video production is a great way to add that extra element of professionalism & increase the production value of your video content overall. We can provide all editing & production services in-house delivering final edited aerial video ready for online distribution. With more than 2000 hours of total flight time you can trust us to operate safely and with confidence. Let us help you make a stunning Aerial Landscape Video Glasgow.

Stunning Landscapes

Aerial landscape video and photography is ideally suited to the tourism, travel and sports industries. Stately homes in beautiful landscapes, rivers, beaches and forests that can be challenging to show off to their best extent from the ground come to life in an aerial photograph or video. The same applies to sporting venues and arenas including sports clubs, golf courses and playing fields. Unlike much of the competition our operators are filmmakers first, ensuring the standard of our imagery is stunning whilst operating safely. The client can even monitor the footage being gathered remotely to make sure you’re getting the exact imagery your looking for.

Aerial Landscapes 


Aerial Beauty

Aerial video is an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd as well as the competition to make an attention grabbing first impression of your company. Find out why aerial video is so effective.

Aerial FAQ: 

Maximum Flight time per battery?

30 minutes

Are you licensed? 

We are fully CAA approved

Maximum height?




We produce high quality aerial drone property photography and videos for residential estate agents.  Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint.

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