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Aerial Surveying Video

Drones offer an ideal solution for Aerial Surveying Video, being utilised to carry out aerial surveys and inspections. Our drone operators have the skills and experience necessary to gather data and capture images of your property to find any potential issues. Drones are ideal for unsound buildings or tricky to get to areas. As no one leaves the ground there is less need to stress about safety requirements.

Insight Made Easy 


Drone inspections are an extremely cost-effective way to capture the information you require on your building whilst reducing risk compared to manned inspection.

We will capture a number of images from an aerial shoot. Prompt content delivery allows you to review and decide on any works that need to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Having these images can also make it easier and cheaper to get quotes or a team together ready to maintain or repair your building, we can carry out a one off inspection or schedule regular inspection dates to make sure everything is in top condition.

Aerial Surveying Video


Aerial Technology

Thanks to relatively recent advances in technology, surveying professionals are relying on drones to carry out a variety of different surveying tasks. Here are five of the primary benefits of using UAVs for aerial surveys.

Aerial FAQ: 

Maximum Flight time per battery?

30 minutes

Are you licensed? 

We are fully CAA approved

Maximum height?



Etive Studios have had the pleasure of travelling the globe capturing inspiring aerial landscape video. Our footage video has been used on Channels such as BBC One, STV and been featured by numerous tourism boards.

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