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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you cost? Your prices aren’t on the website!

We get it, we’re one of those annoying companies who don’t publish their prices online. We’ll both apologise for that, but also explain why. The honest answer is that without a brief and full understanding of what we need to create, it’s really hard to provide an accurate cost. Putting costs out of context just ends up being misleading, and won’t paint the full picture of how a full budget comes together. We’re also dedicated to not giving one price and then having to increase a budget, so we’d rather be able to advise from the start.

That’s also not to say that we’re expensive. Our services actually start at £300.

Do you only work in the UK?

Etive Studios primarily offer video services in the UK. However we are always open to discuss projects further afield and have had the pleasure of filming across the globe! All of our kit is portable and we’re used to the regular pitfalls of shooting in different zones and the impacts that other electric circuits can have on video capture.

Can you provide music?

We source our music from a high quality library that allows us to price our music usage affordably for projects where the video is being used digitally for audiences of a certain size. We can also upgrade licences for broadcast and theatre if necessary.

Do you work with agencies?

We tend to fit in with agencies really well, often filling the creative gap that some don’t have in-house. We’ve kept those relationships strong by being trustworthy and reliable.

Do you keep all of the raw footage?

We keep a copy of all your projects assets for 2 years free of charge.   After that you have the option to store them personally or we can keep the footage on our systems for a small fee. 

You have worked with similar brands to mine, how will you differentiate the imagery?

Rather than just be seen as a service provider, we like to offer a more consultative approach. This means that we don’t just turn up with a camera and shoot, instead we talk to you in depth to find out more about the brand and the look and feel of the imagery that we create for each of our clients individually.