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Documentary filming in Glasgow is an increasingly popular format used for marketing. Done right, documentary video marketing is a highly effective way to attract customers into the sales funnel.  

A documentary video should ideally teach your customer something new and has to be story-driven. There are a number of universal conventions surrounding documentary video production that we follow according to each project. At Etive Studios, our primary objective in a documentary film is to maintain authenticity throughout the project, allowing the story to form in an organic process. 

Documentary filming, to produce compelling video content, is also powerful for leaving your audience with a lasting impression of your business. An effective business-focused documentary can help build employee camaraderie when the team can visually see themselves cohesively working towards a common goal. In addition, documentary filming – that is professionally filmed and seamlessly edited – can improve the credibility of your brand. Etive Studio has worked on numerous documentary filming projects in Glasgow, helping bring clients’ concepts into a strong, visual reality. 

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Amongst other documentary production companies in Glasgow, Etive Studios are set apart by the global experience they have had the pleasure of accruing. In their travels, Etive has worked with countless organisations ranging from non-profits and commercial businesses, to individuals and researchers, capturing video content that puts across the essence of what they do. 

Driven by a passion for telling stories that engage audiences and help make a difference, Etive would love to help with your next documentary project. Do you have any documentary filming in mind? Get in touch with their video production specialists today!

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The Story

The essential element of a good documentary is simple: the story! In an increasingly noisy, overcrowded online and offline information space, audiences must have an intellectual and emotional tie to a film to be brought in and kept there to watch in full. Documentary filming must have this “pull” to get them to the end of the film, not an excuse to get away from it and move on to the next thing.

Our Process

Step 1: Objective of video
Step 2: Crafting the story
Step 3: Pre-Production Planning
Step 4: Shoot the video
Step 5: Editing
Step 6: Distribution/optimisation

Studio Based

Studio based product videos are an effective way of showcasing a new product launch or shedding some more light on an existing one. Our team of creatives can deliver the content in-house to help bring your product to market with the impact it deserves. Studio based documentary filming is a really great way of doing this – and Etive would love to help.

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Professional Documentary Production Glasgow

Having encountered people across the world, operating in different circumstances and contexts, Etive’s team have tangibly seen the growing importance of environmental issues. That is why an important part of their work is helping those looking for professional environmental documentary production. Wildlife and nature documentary production companies are becoming more on demand as widespread work is done to shed light on these important issues and efforts. If this is something that you are online searching for, reach out to their creatives to enquire. There are endless different creative routes to go down, but what is important is bringing videographers on board that truly listen to your goals and can bring this to life. Etive are confident in their ability to produce documentary material that you can’t wait to get out there and seen.

If you are deciding between documentary production companies in Glasgow, Etive Studios are an excellent, reliable choice. Their portfolio of projects speaks for itself, and features documentary videos filmed, produced, and edited with skill. Etive’s past clients use them as their go-to videographers for new jobs, and vocally recommend them to others. This is something they are proud of. So, whether you’d like to discuss your options for documentary filming in Glasgow, or just want to pick their brains on all things videography, don’t hesitate to get in touch below.