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Post Production and Editing Glasgow

Etive Studios offer professional video editing and post production. Our Glasgow-based team of experienced video editors will ensure the message you are trying to convey is clear. Before commencing any editing, it is key to discuss the desired style of each video editing project, taking into account elements such as: video duration; pacing; tone; colour grading; and sound. Post production video editing, done right, can produce some really compelling and sensorily stunning content. Etive Studios have edited a range of projects in a number of different sectors, using both pre-existing video, and stock footage, to edit together a seamless final piece.

Whilst having the expert skill to deal with different inputs like these, Etive can do so with a speedy turnaround time, sending over the final cut in as little as 24 hours. The client is at the core of everything Etive does – whatever industry or context they are working within, and no matter how large or small the project is.

Industry Standard Systems  



At Etive Studios, we have a range of industry-standard software that our post production editing specialists have been professionally trained in using effectively. We’ve edited a range of content, like showreels; event videos; conference presentations; stock based promotionals; and personal videos such as weddings. Whether you’re looking for a video editing service in Glasgow as part of a full production, or want it as a stand-alone service, we can help.

For personal projects and commercial ones alike, Etive handles every single project with professionalism and care. You may have a really clear brief to hand over to us, or a vivid idea of what you want the finished thing to come together like. Or, perhaps you just want us to work our magic with some raw production footage. Whatever situation you are in, the team can walk you through your options and keep you in the loop every step of the post production video editing process. This is what we love to do, and it shows in the final footage you take away. Our portfolio of post production video work is something we are proud of, and the glowing feedback we have received from both local and global clients is testament to all this.



Start up

Video Production Tips For Marketing Your Start-Up Business:. As a new startup business, educating potential consumers about your service or product can take time. By implementing an effective video marketing campaign you’ll be able to drive your business to the next level.

Our Process

Step 1: Objective of video
Step 2: Crafting the story
Step 3: Pre-Production Planning
Step 4: Shoot the video
Step 5: Editing
Step 6: Distribution/optimisation


We’ve been taking our productions to new heights for over 5 years. From filming vast landscapes across the globe to luxuary property imagery, we have you covered. With over two thousand hours of flight time you can trust us to operate safely and with confidence.

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Post Production Video Editing Glasgow

As video content continues to boom in popularity and engagement online and offline, it is essential that you put videos out there that have the best chance of cutting through the noise. Once filming is done, post production video editing can really make or break the quality of the final thing. Post production audio work is a key step to consider as well. You may have specific audio in mind, made for the project itself – or we can advise on the different options available to layer into the video.

Audio can be just as important as what you are watching, giving viewers a sensory experience that leaves them affected in the way you want them to be – moved, inspired, galvanized into action. The video editing work we do ensures that the visuals will scale beautifully onto a larger screen, and look just as captivating on a mobile or tablet device. So if you are watching back a family event in years to come, or putting out an advert for your brand’s new campaign on socials, you will be glad to have chosen Etive Studios.


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