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Etive Studios thrive on helping businesses excel through promotional video production with a clear message and purpose. Talking on board your ideas we’ll research the market and brainstorm innovative ways to produce an impactful promotional film that will dilate your audiences pupils and pull at the senses.

We love nothing more that creating spectacular creative advertising videos that draw attention and make bold statements. Our  Glasgow based team will go above and beyond to create a distinctive promotional video whether your based locally or further afield, we have you covered.







As a business you most likely want to see increased site visitors, conversions and sales. Half the battle of getting your audience down the sales funnel is actually gaining their attention in the first place. Video content is by far the most effective form of content to achieve this. 95% of a message via video is retained compared to 10% via text. Drive attention to your brand and dominate the market through promotional video with impact. Contact us today!


Are you looking for ways to improve your business website? Want to know why adding video should be one of the techniques to try?

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Step 1: Objective of video
Step 2: Crafting the story
Step 3: Pre-Production Planning
Step 4: Shoot the video
Step 5: Editing
Step 6: Distribution/optimisation


TV commercials must be original, unique and ignite an emotional response within the viewer. They should harness your viewers attention, feeling compelled to watch on. Etive Studios offer a noise-to-tail service from initial concept to completion.


Looking for promotional video editing in Glasgow?

Any business would agree that video is truly powerful content when it comes to reaching out to your target audience, and promoting your products, business, event, or services in a meaningful, engaging, and interesting way. When utilised best, video content can help you capture your audience’s interest, and lead them to converting through your business. 

At Etive, we specialise in producing eye-catching promotional videos to showcase whatever you’re looking to promote. Whether you’re looking for promotional videos for a personal project, or a commercial business, our team of passionate Glasgow videographers are keen to bring your vision to life using state or the art editing equipment & post production software.

Whether you need help advertising a product / service, a social media video, or something else, our Glasgow videographers have decades of experience in helping both businesses & individuals bring their vision to life through creativity. Promotional videos can give your business the initial exposure it needs, as they help create a strong first impression, build up your brand equity, and reach new audiences from a wide range of different locations.

Our promotion video services in Glasgow begin with an initial consultation, either over video link, or face to face, whichever suits your needs best. Here, we take the time to gain a deep understanding of you, your vision, and what exactly you’re looking to promote. 

After the initial consultation, the hard work begins. Our dedicated team get hands on, and start bringing your brand, product, business or event to life through efficient filming, and expert editing in the post production phase. 

Once our work is complete, we then sit down with you to ensure you’re happy with what we’ve produced. From pre-production to video completion, our Glasgow videographers are deeply involved in your project.