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Studio based product videos are an effective way of aiding a new product launch or shedding more light on an existing one. There is more to a successful product video than meets the eye. Set design plays a crucial role in conveying your brand visually and can go down many different routes, even as simple as a white backdrop. Creative video production, done right, will not overcrowd or overshadow your product with fluff. Instead, the elements within the shots work together seamlessly to create stunning videography that draws perfect focus on your product. The team of creatives at Etive Studios have a wealth of experience finding this balance in their videography work, presenting products in the most optimal format.  

Developing a series of short teaser videos prior to your product launch is an effective way to build anticipation within your potential customers. With anticipation levels high, the feature product video has to draw real impact, showcasing the product at an exceptional level. At Etive Studios, we have produced a range of successful product videos bringing them to market with impact. Wherever viewers will see your product depicted (on a phone or laptop screen, or TV or cinema), Etive’s videography is striking and memorable, leaving a lasting impact on your target audience.

Creativity has no Limits


At Etive Studios no product video is out of reach. From simple white backdrop shoots to recreating a coastal island we push the boundaries of set design. Looking to bring your product to market with impact? Get in touch with our creative team today!

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In the e-commerce arena getting potential customers to buy is crucial. That’s where a professional product video production can help. We take time to understand your company, products and most important, your goals to produce product videos that get you the results you’re aiming for.

Our Process

Step 1: Objective of video
Step 2: Crafting the story
Step 3: Pre-Production Planning
Step 4: Shoot the video
Step 5: Editing
Step 6: Distribution/optimisation


At Etive Studios we cover all bases of video production including editing. Our team of expert editors will work around the clock to deliver your desired content, taking into account the aim of the project and its core purpose. 

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Product Videography Services Glasgow

Etive Studios offer product videography services in Glasgow, Scotland. Having worked on countless different creative projects with brands of all sizes, the team knows just how much physical and emotional investment is driven into creating a finished product. Why let all this go to waste at the final hurdle and put out video content that misses the mark? Etive’s product videography beautifully highlights the features and uniqueness of your product, making your audience want to know more.  

Investing in professional video production for marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do to drive awareness of your product and brand. Studio based video production results in excellent quality visuals that, posted out across online channels, will drive engagement and traffic towards your website and social platforms, and boost the number of conversions. These are all proven effects that your product can benefit from, but only when your video cuts through competition and holds attention. Etive’s product videography will give you assets that do exactly this.

To work with Etive Studios on your next creative video production project, get in touch with the details.