Driven by Narrative


TV commercials must be original, unique, and ignite an emotional response within the viewer. They should harness your viewers’ attention, making them feel compelled to watch on. Etive Studios offer a nose-to-tail service from initial concept through to completion. Our commercial videographers in Glasgow will support you through the process, using their specialist knowledge and skill to make a video commercial that cuts through the noise. 

Every project starts with a fresh sheet of paper. Our team of writers will work collaboratively with both you and each other to brainstorm an effective and impactful narrative solution. As an experienced commercial production company based in Glasgow, Etive knows that your content must make an impact and offer innovation to truly make a scene and dominate the market. By taking your brand’s story into account, Etive can put all of this into action and use commercial videography to create strong, professional visual material that best defines your company and what it stands for and offers.



Telling the story of your brand in a clear, concise way, will immediately set you apart from your competition. There are two leading factors when it comes to storytelling in marketing: emotional impact and relatability. The more people connect with a story, the more they remember it, and are driven to purchase the product or service at the centre of the story. Get your business noticed with a story that sticks. Get your audience talking about your brand. Impact, Involve, Ignite. Etive Studios – the trusted, expert choice amongst film production companies in Glasgow.




You’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in video for your next marketing campaign. But how do you get it right first time and deliver a strong return on investment? Contact us today and we will help you take your video marketing to the next level.


Step 1: Objective of video
Step 2: Crafting the story
Step 3: Pre-Production Planning
Step 4: Shoot the video
Step 5: Editing
Step 6: Distribution/optimisation


Documentary video production is a powerful way to leave your audience with a lasting impression of your business. An effective business focused documentary can help build employee camaraderie and increase your credibility. 

Let's Make a Scene


You will know yourself that your average day can be spent switching between screens; from your mobile or tablet, to your laptop or desktop, and larger TV and Cinema screens. All of these touchpoints pose a key opportunity to reach your audience with your commercial. That is why Etive Studios compose video commercials that directly consider where they are going to be seen. Our creative work – when storyboarding, designing, and eventually producing and editing your commercial – takes into account the array of screen sizes that it will be displayed on, making it striking everywhere.

Etive’s team have extensive, hands-on experience working with a whole host of clients, locally in Glasgow, the wider UK, and even internationally. This eclectic experience, dealing with companies in different sectors and stages of their lifecycle and growth, is what makes us expertly equipped to take on your project. Whatever size of project you are tackling (local, national, or global in reach), our commercial production company in Glasgow is your best choice. If you have a clear, specific vision for your commercial, we can help you bring it to reality. But if this is all new to you or you want to leave it to us, we are happy to work with you in any capacity. 

To get the ball rolling on your next video commercials in Glasgow, get in touch with the team at Etive Studios.